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Happy Mondays

Author: Rocco & Levi

Have you ever worked with someone, who on Monday morning was what my Father used to call “bright eyed and bushy tailed”. You know the type, ready and roaring to go, while everyone else is dragging their “Mondayitise” arses into work half asleep, shuffling, and groaning like extras from The Walking Dead.  All the while this Monday morning person is wide awake, chipper, positive and just an all-around “Happiness”*

I’ll confess when I was much younger I used to really loath these kinds of people. How could they be so full of energy and vitality on an early Monday? WTF was wrong with them? I also was the kind of chuckle head that basically only lived for the weekends. I was just coasting through the weekdays, watching the clock, and pissed off every time I actually had to step up to get something done at work. Back then, we were called “slackers” of “Generation X” (not the band but basically the same lame stereotype of “Millennials”). I was young, naïve, and not happy with my life.

It wasn’t until my later on when I arrived in China, that I morphed into a Monday morning warrior. All I can really say is it must be my biological clock across the international dateline. I live for Monday mornings now. I feel like a “Son of Krypton” on this planet. It was a transformative experience for me. I had these new special powers of willingly rising before the sun and it’s become a habit and trademark for many of those who have known me the last decade or so.

The “Happy Mondays” experience is compounded by getting a chance to lead by example. It’s really out of step with most of society and I also find that equally empowering. If we look at the rising habits of many influencers, we can often see the same pattern. If I get up around 05:00 it’s like the world outside is mine and I am two hours ahead of any so called competition. I can read, write, study, exercise, and even just relax as the rest of the world slowly comes alive to try and catch up with me.

Back in my teaching at the university days, I would blow up classrooms with my vibrate energy and wake sleepy students up with a series of motivational talks, pranks, cold jokes, and song. I could really separate the future leaders and entrepreneurs simply by watching their responses to this. It was the same with colleagues and coworkers; only a handful possessed the same ability or dared to understand it. It’s like being in a special club.

I cannot ever stress how important it is to not only conquer the day this way but our own selves. Jordon Peterson, in his recent book The Twelve Rules for Life seems to validate and agree with what I am trying to impress upon you here. If we want to make the world a better place, then we must take on the burdens and chores of actually doing something about it. Getting up early and preparing to take on the day in defense of what is righteous and good, seems to be an easy task to complete. Even Lao Tzu in The Art of War said, “He who arrives to the battlefield first, has an advantage.”

So through some strange twist of fate, I have become that super annoying Monday morning person and that makes me happy.

In the near future we will explore “happiness” in all its subjective and objective glory on “Happy Mondays”. Please feel free to comment below if you wish to share your thoughts on the matter. Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the week.

*This term “Happinese” is like “Happy Chinese” and was coined by one of the members of the WeChat Lumin English Corner Group. I liked it so much, that I wanted to be the one to put it down on record.

Today's author Rocco revived some of my own earlier memories, going back as far as I can remember (which isn't that far) I always struggled with getting out of bed, weather it was school or work I always had that dreaded feeling of what am I doing? Is this what life is really all about, sitting in class after class learning about oxbow lakes, the french revolution, how many wives Henry the 8th had, political correctness algebra...... Seriously? This is going to help me in my adult life, well maybe during a pub quiz.

Where were all the lessons on money management, social skills, health and nutrition, business building. There aren't any because school is designed to teach you how to be an employee and not much else.

Only since starting my own business have I actually started to enjoy early mornings.

It's pretty simple really, if you enjoy your job you don't mind getting up early for it, nowadays I cant wait to get out of bed.

When you are doing something positive, helping people, giving back to the community, educating people etc it fills you with pride, now there aren't enough hours in the day!

Think about it, I bet as kids most of you were up before 7am on Christmas day, filled with excitement and couldn't wait to see what the fat man had brought you!

If you've been in the same career for years on end which you know you hate, you've probably convinced yourself that you're supposed to feel grumpy in the mornings, your supposed to feel drained of energy, ''oh its because I'm knocking on now.'' No you are fed up with your career, probably undervalued and feel like you have no way out.

I was once exactly the same, dreaded going to work, couldn't stand most of the people I worked with, I Literally created this comedian persona to try and prove to myself I was happy, even to the point where I would make myself look like a complete tit!

Why do you think most people ''live for the weekend" work all week and then dance around intoxicated trying to pull some one whilst talking absolute bol****s. I even had 'mates' that would say a night out isn't complete without a good scrap! That sound like a happy person to you? This is accepted as 'normal' where I come from.

The world is full of amazing opportunities, you just have to be willing to take a leap of faith.

Here in Asia westerners are highly valued, the pay is great and you get a chance to start fresh, see things from a completely different perspective, open your mind, enjoy the huge variety of different cultures. I know not everyone can just pack up and move to another country, that's not really the point. If you're dreading getting up early and going to work, you have not yet found your purpose in this life.

What are you good at, what do you actually enjoy doing? How can you make THAT profitable, there are millions of people around the world making money by doing what they enjoy, its 2019 for crying out loud, there is no need to be sat in a cubicle all day taking crap from a 'boss'.

I have friends here in China making a good living using social media, live streaming, women doing make up tutorials, teaching a language online, coaching, I even have a guy who helps heal peoples past traumas using Ayahuasca!

Before I started this business I came to China and taught English, then I held private classes at my home, did personal training and some motivational speeches, all through the power of the internet with no 'boss' to answer to.

This isn't me bragging, I'm trying to show you that anyone can break from there past and start a new, happier and more fulfilling life.

Wishing you all health, wealth & happiness.

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