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My Journey With Elite Lifestyle

My journey began in February 2018, when I came back to China after a little traveling and splurging on life’s little treats. Coming back to China for another year of teaching was stressful, and I quickly realized that I had to get back into shape. So naturally, I joined the local gym and browsed the WeChat groups for anyone selling legit supplements. Lucky for me, I came across Elite Lifestyle. I had a good idea of what I needed…I wasn't new to working out, but I knew the road to being healthy and fit again was going to be a long one.

While getting back on track, I got to chatting with Levi. After sharing some tips and tricks, I realized we had a lot in common, and we were both very passionate about the fitness industry. As one thing led to another, Levi offered me the opportunity to join his team at Elite Lifestyle and have a go at selling some products. As I was fresh back in China and pretty broke, it seemed like a great way to earn a little cash and help me get back on my feet. At the time, I had no idea of the opportunity I had or the amazing benefits it would bring over the next few months.

The whole process of joining the team was great. I was provided with more than enough training materials to get me started, so I dived into the training PDFs and audio files straightaway. They taught me everything I needed to know about making sales, marketing in the fitness industry, and how I could benefit from the team.

I quickly realized that posting a few pictures in my Moments everyday would only get me so far, but luckily there are endless amounts of marketing opportunities available on WeChat. My first month was pretty good, and I came second in the Elite Lifestyle monthly sales competition, which offered all kinds of great rewards. I soon realized that if I invested in my own promotions and advertised to a much wider audience, I had a chance of earning first place the following month.

Sure enough, I was right and the following month I came in first. For my prize, I received around 1000 RMB worth of free supplements, which was amazing and really motivated me to keep pushing and growing the business. I should also mention that, throughout these first 2 months, I was making amazing progress with my own physique: dropping 10% body fat and completely changing my body composition. I was cycling 50-100 km each week, which I have never done before. I got back into boxing and, through some guidance from the team and good friends, I got the push I needed to really start preparing for my first bodybuilding competition. I was surrounded by great results physically and financially…that's when I realized that this was more than just a quick money scheme and that this could be a genuine career. I liked the direction I was heading, and I felt part of something. Seeing and hearing great feedback and life changing results from so many friends and customers was the cherry on the cake; I knew then that this is what I wanted to do.

Since then, I have come in first place 8 times in a row, which is no small feat since the team is always growing and chasing very closely. It has been a great challenge to keep succeeding, which is something I never had before. I have grown my part of the business exponentially, and I am now earning 5000+ RMB every month on top of my regular job.  It’s so manageable.  I can work around my schedule and put in as much time as I want and still have enough time to reach my own fitness goals. I currently look and feel better than I ever have before and with so many regular clients who have become friends, I have all the inspiration I need.

I'm so excited to see what the future holds with Elite Lifestyle as we release our own brand of clothing, supplements and many more great things.

To sum it up, Elite Lifestyle went from being an easy, quick cash grab to a life changing experience, both financially and physically. Thanks to this opportunity, I’ve never been happier.  

We will continue to provide the very best of sport nutrition, advice, coaching, workout plans, meal plans, and so much more. Get in touch now and let me help you get on your way to achieving real goals and real results with a team of real people here for you.

Thanks for reading.

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