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My step by step proven methods for fat loss

Over the last 8 years, I have been experimenting with different methods in the hopes to lean down and achieve a muscular and aesthetic physique.

In this article, I will reveal what I PERSONALLY have found to be the most effective ways to burn fat whilst holding onto as much muscle tissue as possible and in some cases even building small amounts of muscle during the process! 

Now I emphasized personally because as we all know, everyone is different; genetics, lifestyle, preferences, metabolism, etc all come into play when trying to lose weight or build muscle.

Right, let's just get straight into it!

Calorie Deficit

First things first my friends, no matter what kind of fat loss protocol you are following, it just will not work unless you are in a calorie deficit!

Being in a calorie deficit should be your number one priority, not cinnamon, lemon water in the mornings, fat burners, green tea or any of that stuff.

So how do we get into a calorie deficit?

Well a good place to start would be getting a calorie tracker such as 'my fitness pal' (an app you can download and use free of charge from your app store.)

Enter your specifics such as goal, current weight, height etc and the app will calculate your required calorie number.

Once you have this it's just a simple case of matching numbers, buy a set of kitchen scales, head over to the local supermarket and buy REAL food! What do I mean by real?

Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs, milk, rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruit etc. Now that you have your fridge fully stocked and a set of weighing scales at hand you can start 'matching numbers.' 

You don't need to do meal prep or anything like that at this phase, we are simply getting to know the numbers.

I keep saying numbers, you may be wondering what I'm talking about, when I say numbers I'm referring to macros and calories.

Macros are things like proteins, carbs and fats, calories are units of measurements that we use to measure the energy in food.

Ok, let's look at an example meal - 


4 eggs on 2 slices of brown toast followed by 50g of whole oats with half a pint of milk  and a handful of blueberries.

What you need to do is individually weigh out each ingredient on your scales and match the weight up to the macros and log it in the app. Once you have done this you will be able to check the app and see exactly how many calories, grams of carbs fats and protein you had in that meal. Now ofcourse this is just an example but you get the idea, the goal is to match the numbers in your diet to the numbers given to you in your app, it's that simple!

One thing to note here is that once you reach your goal you will have to reeavaluate your settings, create a new goal and thus change your diet.

This is the backbone of your diet, if you mess this part up you're not going to see much improvements, it's like shooting in the dark, sure you might get it right some days but you're going to be guessing.

Even Jay Cutler to this day still weighs out all his meals, people very often underestimate the amount of calories they consume.


Every now and then I get clients asking me if they must exercise to lose weight and actually the answer may surprise you...... Exercise is not a necessity! But, you absolutely should exercise, not just to lose weight but for health in general. If you are doing zero exercise, not only are you making it harder for yourself to lose weight (because now you need even fewer calories) but you are also putting your health at risk!

If you are a very sedentary person, you have higher chances of heart disease and osteoporosis, so unless you want to risk limping like a nanny with 2 broken hips with early onset of arthritis...... STOP BEING LAZY!!!!

Exercise may seem difficult, well it is but so what? If you live out your entire life avoiding difficulties then you are missing out on some of lifes greatest treasures, risk vs reward, ultimately by avoiding pain you are attracting more pain into your life, be it physically or mentally.

When you exercise your brain releases these chemicals called endorphins, this is your brains way of rewarding you for your hard work, it's saying 'hey, that's good... do more of that.) This is one of the reasons people seem to become addicted to exercise, it's not all about vanity, it's the whole equation, exercise makes you mentally stronger too!

I remember once hearing somebody say the most absurd thing, he said - 'I heard people who workout all the time have nothing in their head's

All I can say about this statement is that it was said by somebody who was clearly jealous of the person's physique that he was mocking.

Some of the most successful people in the world workout, Opera Winfrey, Richard Branson, Jessica Alba, Tim Cooks, the list goes on and on...

How long should I train each day, how many times per week and should I lift heavy or go light?

When training for fat loss, I train 6 days a week with one day rest, lets see how that looks:

Monday Chest & Back

Tuesday Legs & Abs

Wednesday Shoulders + 20 mins Cardio

Thursday Biceps + Triceps 

Friday 20 mins high intensity cardio eg. Bag work

Saturday 45 mins steady state cardio eg. X Trainer

Sunday rest

This is just one variation of training that I currently use for fat loss and it's never 100% fixed, it changes week to week based on 'feel'.

Its good to have a program to follow but you must also listen to what your body is telling you, if you are feeling over worked go ahead and take a few days rest.

60 minutes per workout is plenty, I usually average between 45-60 minutes per session, there are times that I will train longer, these are usually after I've had a full week rest and feel fully revitalized.

My training really doesn't change that much in regards to the amount of weight that I lift whilst trying to lean down, this is because I always train in all 3 rep ranges, low, mid and high. What does change is the amount of cardio I do, generally when bulking I don't really do much cardio, when cutting I add in cardio as stated above.

Diet protocols

Intermittent fasting

I find intermittent fasting to help me a great deal, it works with my busy lifestyle and keeps my mind sharp! There is an absolute ton of conclusive research on intermittent fasting proving its effectiveness not only in weight loss but also in improving heart and brain health. This of course as I mentioned at the start will only be effective when combined with a calorie deficit.

Zero carbs

Zero carbohydrate diets have proven to be effective, however I do not recommend them, at least not ran for extended periods of time, I also do not believe in fully omitting any macro nutrient from the diet, when trying to lose weight we need to find something we can not only stick to but is also healthy in the long run. If you do choose to run a no carbs diet be sure to do some research before you start.

Carb cycling

Now with carb cycling there are a few variations but what I generally follow is:

Day 1 low carb

Day 2 low carb

Day 3 medium carb

Day 4 high carb

Day 5 medium carb

Just repeat this cycle, I work carbs out at 1-1.5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight, try not to go over 200 grams on high carb days.


Here I will list the supplements that I choose to use when dropping body fat, I must state that I have done hours of research on supplements and plan my supplement regime out very carefully, do not blindly buy anything stated hear just because i take it. You are fully responsible for your own health and should always do your own research before using any supplement!

Cardarine 2ml per day

Clenbuterol max of 160mcg per day pyramided

Whey isolate such as Isolicious CTD 2-3 servings per day

Nite burn BPI 1 serving before bed

Omega 3 1 serving per day

Multi Elite CTD 1 serving with breakfast

Pre workout Noxipro CTD 1 serving pre workout

BCAA - Applied Nutrition 2 servings per day


I cannot stress enough the importance of being well hydrated, aim for 1ltr per 25kg of body weight. Studies have shown that just a 2% to 3% hydration loss equates to about 10% to 15% decrease in endurance and muscle strength.

Cheat meals

You guys have seen me eating plenty of fries, hamburgers, pizza and ice cream, I get the comments all the time....

'Bro, all that hard work gone to waste'

'How can you eat that, you are supposed to be a fit guy'

'Hey you should not eat that, it's bad for your health'

The list goes on.

If you stick to your diet 100% every day and every week for months on end, you will have crazy temptations, you will eventually break and when you do it will be far worse than me having the odd ice cream, your insulin levels will skyrocket and you will be far more likely to store fat.

If you fancy pizza, have pizza! Keep on track 80% of the time and enjoy your life, otherwise you're going to be walking around miserable all day, I'm not sure about you guys but for me life is not just about having abs! What use is it having a great body if you feel like crap all day?

So cut your self some slack, have one or two cheat meals per week, just don't over do it, moderation is key!

If you do happen to over do it, just go into a larger deficit the following day.

To summerise, be patient and enjoy the journey, don't compare your results or the speed of your results to others, everyone is different.

I hope my proven methods for fat loss have been helpful! If you would like more clarity on any of the points mentioned in todays article just scan the QR code below and send me a message on facebook

Have a great day!


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