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Who Are Elite Lifestyle?

Hi, I'm Levi - CEO of Elite Lifestyle

What's It All About?

I originally created Elite Lifestyle so that my fellow laowai could safely purchase legitimate supplements without the language barrier and without running the risk of buying fakes. If you've been in China long enough you will be well aware of how serious an issue fake supplements are here, the market is flooded!

Elite Lifestyle isn't just some guy selling supps for cash, we are a WOFE registered company and fitness is our passion, we have a team of over 60 dedicated Elite Lifestyle athletes, all of whom have received my own personal training and will offer you their time, free advice on training, supplements and nutrition.  

Since being established in 2016 Elite Lifestyle has helped thousands of men and women across China, we cooperate with overseas companies to bring you the best sports supplements in the game! But don't just take my word for it!

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As well as offering the highest quality sports supplements Elite Lifestyle also offers a commission based program.

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