Potassium Iodine 30 tabs

Potassium Iodine 30 tabs

Potassium gives your body components necessary to provide energy for physical activity by aiding in its use of metabolism-boosting nutrients, including iron, magnesium, and calcium. For instance, people with low iron levels invariably have low metabolisms. But the issue may have less to do with an iron deficiency than with a potassium deficiency.


Without proper potassium levels the body cannot effectively process iron and make use of it. By boosting potassium levels, you'll also boost your iron levels, which can improve energy and better assure you'll stay off the couch. It helps build muscle: Potassium combines with magnesium to aid in muscle contraction, control and growth.


It prevents excess fluid retention: As an electrolyte, potassium combines with sodium help regulate fluids around your cells and keep you from retaining too much water. This is important because at any given time, you may be holding on to three to five pounds of water weight.


Iodine is currently being represented in alternative health sphere as being the new ‘wonder mineral’ with improved thyroid function and faster fat loss being touted as major iodine benefits.


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