Super Hero Training Program

Super Hero Training Program

The super hero Training program💪💪💪
Written and designed by Levi Webb - an ex British army soldier and fitness instructor with over 15 years training experience and 8 years coaching experience.
Written over a 3 month period.

Now more than ever people trying to get in shape is no longer is a fad, it’s a way of life!

A complete package designed to give you that lean yet powerful superhero look, the kind of look that women crave and men admire.

🔵Broad shoulders & 3D delts
🔵Wide thick back
🔵Solid pecs
🔵Slender yet muscular quads and calfs
🔵V- taper waist!
🔵Incredible strength!!!

The program includes:
💪The most effective methods and principles for building muscle, using some old school methods whilst also adding in some modern-day science
💪After sales support

Transform yourself into a modern day superhero


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